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 Making equipment last requires a plan. Maintenance of your equipment can keep your costs down over the life of your elevators.

 We’ve been maintaining elevators, dumbwaiters, and lifts manufactured by a very wide variety of different companies. for decades We can maintain most equipment as well as the manufacturer can, and in many cases, we do it better.


 Sometimes equipment gets obsolete due to lack of replacement parts, software issues, code requirements etc.

 We can help you by suggesting cost effective upgrades designed  to get you reliable operation into the future.

Cab interiors and other esthetic upgrades, voice enunciation,   ADA disability act requirements ,  and other upgrades are also available.


 Big jobs come up.

Experience helps us make repairs quickly and efficiently.

 We are well equipped to make the biggest repair in a timely manner when you need it. 


What we do

Our technicians are well trained, and able to work on equipment manufactured by almost all elevator companies worldwide, from the oldest to the newest.

Our services are cost-effective, delivered on-time, and designed to maintain the reliability of your elevators.

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Dependable Service

Fast dependable elevator services when you have an emergency, or a minor need


Nearly two decades of customer satisfaction has given us almost perfect customer retention.


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Competitive Pricing

Our customers have found that we are very competitive on pricing, often beating the bigger companies by a significant margin, especially on modernization, where we specialize.

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About Us

We’ve been helping building owners maintain and modernize their elevator equipment since 2003.

We all started out at one of the big international conglomerates, and experienced how impersonal service could be.

We have been told many times that we are the easiest elevator company to work with. Find out why!




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